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“A must-read for any spiritual seeker."

—Lee Carroll, Channel for Kryon, Speaker and Author


A great book about spiritual awakening. I hope every Indigo reads about Nina Brown's experience."
—Jan Tober, Coauthor of the Indigo Children series and cocreator of the Kryon work 

What a treat to be privy to the journey of a walking master, one who has successfully assimilated all aspects of her higher self. Thank you, [Nina,] for showing us the way and reminding us that this is possible for all of us.
—Dr. Bali K. Sohi, Psychologist

“I have read the Kryon book by Lee Carroll and Return of Love to Planet Earth, and was amazed beyond description by what I learned from both books. I was thrilled and fascinated by Nina’s book. . . . Don’t ask me how many times I cried for joy and presence in my reading."
—Karl Kukat, Retired certified general accountant and auditor

In reading this beautiful book, you will gain a deeper appreciation for your own life and a greater understanding of who you really are. Brown’s warmth and wisdom shine forth on every page.
—Robert Schwartz, Author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

A great read to understand and begin to live the full range of authentic love as a divine cocreator.”  
—Alan Hutner, Transitions Radio Magazine

"This amazing book is a must-read for all lightworkers."
—James Tyberonn, messenger for Archangel Metatron

“There is joy, excitement, and anticipation in wondering what's next. Another adventure, another experience, and my heart is smiling. I finally have validation about my own life. get off the ride!” 
—Zenia Richler, Naturopathic Doctor, Doctorate in Bioenergetics

“After reading this true account of a unique journey I was inspired. It is good to know that if one continues to strive to bring forth what is in their heart, miracles can and WILL occur. participated in the events of the 9-9-9 and the 10-10-10 that this is not make believe, instead it is an unveiling of deepest truth. Nina is a vanguard of the energies of Love that are once again being across this beautiful planet, through the hearts of those who will listen.” 
—Robert Hintzke, Transition Coach and Energy Healer

“I just wanted to say thank you for living your light and your truth with such courage and integrity.  I purchased your book, and what I've read so far is just FABULOUS!  I'm so much light and transformation, and I think that sharing your journey through your work and also through writing your story is such a big service to help others with their unfolding.  I know grace and authenticity about you that your mastery is obvious! "  
—Adrienne Goff, Holistic Healer

“I do love your book! What a journey this is! Some days I feel like the dumbest person on the earth. I wonder why did I say that? Why didn't I get that? You helped me to see the process. Linear is easy to learn, multidimensional is much more...multidimensional!” 
—Sue Lopez RN, BSN

“Thank you so much for being such a pioneer; the way shower. Your book is magnificent and the perseverance and sense of wonder of how things work is pure and innocent enlightenment!" 
—René Fugitt Ed.D, Divine Earth Intuitive

Kirkus Reviews call this book "a colorful . . . New Age spin on Pilgrim’s Progress."